Our Services

Our Loans are granted 3 times Members savings.

A member must have been a contributor for a minimium consecutive period of 6 months.

1. Development Loans for individuals

This is a comprehensive development finance option that focuses on providing personal and specialized services to meet our clients’ specific needs such as s purchase of property and Construction.

  • Maximum loan 3 million.
  • Repayment period of 36 months for Loan amount not exceeding Kshs 500, 000.
  • Repayment period 48 months for loan exceeding Kshs 500, 000( Kshs 500, 000 – Kshs 3 Million).

2. Development Loans for corporate

  • Maximum loan 5 million.
  • Repayment period of 36 months
  • Loan processed within one (1) week
  • Processing fee 0.5%

3. Business Loans

This is a tailor-made loan facility suitable for business working capital and shorter financing requirements of a business.

This loan provides members with finances to grow their business payable at 1.25% interest on reducing balance for 12 months

4. School Fees

Maximum Repayment period is 12 months interest rate at 1% per month on reducing balance

5. Emergency Loans

The Loan is Processed within 24 hours

Maximum Repayment period is 12 months interest rate is 1% per month on reducing balance.

  • Medical
  • Fire
  • Death
  • Court Fines

6. Refinancing ( Top-up) loans

This facility is available to members who have serviced their loans faithfully for atlest 6 months.

The amount will be normally the difference between what one qualifies (2 times your shares) and the outstanding loan.

The period is rescheduled back to the initial loan period.