Mission and Vision


To be a unique SACCO of choice offering quality financial products and services to its members.


To promote wealth creation by building a strong culture of savings to our members through affordable credit, prudent investment and effective management.


PCEA Kayole SACCO in its endeavor to realize the vision and Mission upholds the following core values:


The SACCO adheres to perfect and beyond reproach professional and personal standards in the conduct of its affairs. The society offers its services effectively and efficiently to all members.


The SACCO upholds a high degree of honesty and integrity in serving its members and other Stakeholders.

Customer focus

In developing its products/services as well as in the provision of its services, the SACCO ensures that these are customer-driven so as to satisfy diverse members and their changing needs

Team work

The success of the SACCO in pursuit of its mission will be ensured by close collaboration among its members, CMC, SC and the staff. This will enhance the quality of services to its Stakeholders. PCEA Kayole SACCO also encourages respect for diversity among its members, committees and employees


The CMC and the staff must be committed to do their best at all times, in the provision of services to the members and other stakeholders.


The SACCO is accountable to its members, the government and other stakeholders. It ensures that the culture of accountability is embodied in its internal stakeholders both individually and collectively.


The SACCO endeavors to ensure transparency at all times when dealing with its stakeholders. The management and the staff are also expected to be sincere and transparent in their dealings with the SACCO The acronym “PICTCAT” was adapted to aid in remembering the Core Values where:
P – Professionalism
I – Integrity
C – Customer focus
T – Teamwork
C – Commitment
A – Accountability
T – Transparency